Thursday, November 8, 2012

When life is like a bad country song

The last two weeks have been ridiculous! Not that I'm a fan of country music, but my life sure has felt like a bad country song lately.

“I woke up this morning, and the babies were cryin’
Husband still gone away, for business he’s flyin’
Dog and cat seemed sick, found out the dog’s dyin’
Oh, whoa, and I’m so very hungry and tired!”

That’s right, things have been ugly around here. Here’s a bulleted list, otherwise this post will be four pages long.
  • The hubby is out of town for business 12 out of 14 days
  • Took cat to the vet since he was peeing on the living room rug, incidentally the only baby-free zone
  • Cat is in beginning stages of renal failure, requiring a special low-protein diet
  • Other cat is not in renal failure, so needs food with protein (sound familiar?) 
  • Took dog to vet, she has a rare form of lung cancer and only a few weeks to a few months left :(
  •  Hubby is out of town
  • Babies are ever more mobile and difficult to wrangle, especially during bath time
  • Hubby is out of town
  • Mealtime with nine-month old twins takes an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes (calculate Phe, weigh low-protein food, chop low-protein food, dole out higher-protein food, chop higher-protein food, watch food doesn't get shared or thrown to floor, or blown away via a raspberry, force feed low-protein food to make daily Phe requirement...)  
  • Which is followed by special diet for the cats and dog, who needs medicine, too
  • Which is followed by a very hungry mama, who’s too tired to cook (but hooray for cereal, canned soup and frozen meals!)

"Rough as it’s been, we’re survivin'
The babies and I, will keep on tryin'
The animals, well, you take what you get,
Oh, whoa, gonna make it work, or die tryin'!"


  1. omg Michelle! Im so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help? Im really sorry about your pooch too, and peeing cats are such a bummer. Im here to help if you need it. Dont hesitate to ask cause I cant imagine your rough week

    1. Thanks, Emele! I'm alright, just counting down the hours until my hubby gets home tonight! ;-)

      On a happier note, we're going to try drawing Lucy's blood tomorrow! Hopefully it'll go well and I can start mailing it in! I'll let you and Margueritte knows how it goes.